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A leading source for beginners to the internet.
Specialising in affordable, high quality design
both for web and print media

We are great at building websites on a tight budget.

Redhawk Design is a print and web design business meeting the needs of small business by developing a unique professional image with the web and print media, by coordinating a uniform ‘corporate’ image. A leading source for small business in obtaining a presence on the internet. Specialising in affordable, low cost – high quality design, both for the web and print media, and can arrange website hosting and domain name purchase for those ‘newbies’ to the internet.

Make a Good Impression.

Just as you want to make a good impression with your physical appearance, your advertising media should make a good first impression on your clients. Many people make purchasing decisions based on their impressions of businesses advertising.

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Be Easy to Maintain and Expand in the Future.

Once you’ve made the initial investment in your web site, it’s important to keep it up to date and to expand it as your business grows. Redhawk understands the importance of providing a web site that is easy to keep up to date and that will be cost efficient to expand as time goes by.

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